Negative Thinking Can Harm Your Brain and Increase Your Dementia Risk

Accentuating the positive, eliminating the negative, and latching on to the affirmative may not just put you in a better mood. 

It’s also good for your brain.

Experts say participants in a new study who exhibited more repetitive thinking patterns showed more cognitive decline and problems with memory.

In a new study, researchers at University College London say they have found repetitive negative thinking is linked to cognitive decline, a higher number of harmful protein deposits in the brain, and consequently a greater risk of dementia.

“Depression and anxiety in mid-life and old age are already known to be risk factors for dementia. Here, we found that certain thinking patterns implicated in depression and anxiety could be an underlying reason why people with those disorders are more likely to develop dementia,” Natalie L. Marchant, DPhil, lead author of the research and a senior research fellow at University College London, said in a press release. Continue reading this aritcle by here

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