Action Plan: How to Deal with Difficult Patients & Families

When you entered nursing school you were probably warned that you’d have a few difficult patients. Maybe you even went as far as to mentally prepare yourself for the day you’d save someone’s life and they’d scream and yell at you for something trivial. However, there is something that’s equally – if not more so – challenging than a difficult or disruptive patient.

Their family members.

Difficult patients are a guarantee in nursing. After all, think about when you’re sick with a cold or the flu. How pleasant are you? I’ve always said that working with the public can be difficult, but imagine working with the sick public! The same thing happens to their families too. Even though you’re caring for their loved one to the best of your ability while doing everything in your power to keep them comfortable, families can behave just as badly as patients! Why? Find out here

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