How to thank a nurse this Nurse’s Week and every day of the year

By Heal at Home Nursing

Without a doubt, 2020 was named the ‘Year of the Nurse’ and for good reason. Nurses worldwide have been frontline heroes throughout the ongoing pandemic, showing their valiance and selflessness in the workplace. Nurses have worn numerous hats being trustworthy figures to patients under their care while balancing new challenges, stressors, and responsibilities in response to COVID-19. During National Nurses Week, take the time to celebrate the tireless and diligent efforts of nurses in your community! Here are five ways to thank a nurse and show your appreciation:  

Order a nurse a cool product like Lumify.

Lumify is the latest gadget designed by a nurse for a nurse. Why is this the coolest addition to scrubs? It’s a patented light-weight design that allows nurses to illuminate their workspace while decreasing patient sleep disturbances on average by 70%.

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Treat them to a coffee.

There’s no better way to show your appreciation than buying a nurse a coffee to start their day. Purchase a featured Starbucks gift card designed just for Nurse Appreciation Week.

Send a personalized gift basket.

Many nurses lack time to grab personal care items with a busy schedule. Create more convenience for them by sending a small gift basket with essential items such as healthy snacks, toiletries, compression socks, or other thoughtful items.

Write a special card or note.

Express your gratitude and show your creativity with a handwritten card. Any nurse will appreciate your kind thoughts, and it may validate their continued efforts!

Simply say ‘Thank you’ or ‘do you need anything?’

Being grateful comes from the heart. You never know how the words ‘thank you’ will make a nurse’s day. Another way to thank them is to ask if there is anything you can help with. It may be a night of babysitting or petsitting while they work shift or a quick trip to the grocery store to help them stock up.

Nurses are vital members of the healthcare field and should always be shown appreciation. Their efforts and care for patients shouldn’t go unnoticed. Express gratitude for nurses in your community every day of the year! You never know whose day could be brightened.

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