Older Adults and COVID: The Mental Health Impact and Hope for the Future

By: Home Care Assistance

This past year has been a test of how we treat older adults among us. Unfortunately, there have been many failures. Sometimes it takes a catastrophic event to open our eyes to help us see more clearly what is vital to health and personal satisfaction. Mental health problems are one of the fallouts of COVID-19, not only for older adults but for people of all ages around the world.

Many older adults have experienced social isolation and loneliness due to quarantine restrictions, which could negatively impact health. In addition, social isolation significantly increases the likelihood of depression and anxiety, as well as the risk of premature death. Getting at-home care for older adults can improve mental and physical health in many ways, which positively impacts quality of life.

Continue reading the complete article and learn how at-home care can positively impact mental and physical health in older adults here.

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