Simple ways to make healthy changes actually stick

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When you’re trying to make meaningful changes, sometimes even your best plans hit a hiccup. That ambitious early morning workout bumps up against the reality that you didn’t go to bed early. The Sunday prep-for-the-week meal plan gets upended by unexpected family conflicts — and you fall off track indefinitely. Or you find yourself stuck in a rut trying to force yourself to stick to plans that simply are not working.

What practices can you incorporate to maintain your wellness routine and reach your goals? Life Coach, Valorie Burton, offers the “temperament to experiment” approach. Using this method, you can achieve health goals by testing various strategies in your routine and sticking with one that works best. In experimenting with different approaches to your wellness routine, it’s essential to ask yourself questions along the way, such as ‘What’s the obstacle or challenge that’s getting in the way of my goal?’. Reflection is also critical to note which strategies worked well or not.

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