Tips for Hiring a Private Duty Nurse for At-Home Assistance

Facing medical challenges due to declining health can impact quality of life and can be overwhelming for inexperienced individuals caring for their loved ones. Thus, deciding to seek outside medical assistance for your loved ones can alleviate stress and may improve their overall health in the long run. The best-matched caregivers make all the difference, which is why private duty nursing is a beneficial avenue for convenient, skilled care in the comfort of your home.

Unlike traditional in-home care services, private duty nurses provide one-on-one medical care by licensed RN (Registered nurses) or LPNs/LVNs/ (Licensed Practical Nurses). Before making a hiring decision, follow these five tips for seeking out a private duty nurse for home care:

  1. Determine how much assistance will be needed. Write down your loved one’s needs, preferences, and doctor recommendations.
  2. Research nursing agencies in your area and create a list of potential agencies based on provided services and patient reviews.
  3. After narrowing down, schedule a consultation with the chosen nursing agency to discuss your loved one’s medical needs in detail and evaluate the nurse’s level of experience with the specific condition.
  4. Follow up with needed background checks, former patient references, and patient complaints.
  5. Ask the agency to meet with your nurse ahead of time to ensure compatibility with your loved one.

Heal at Home Nursing is a licensed Home Care Organization. We are highly qualified RNs or LVNs. For a nurse at your door to help with your newborn or you, please contact Heal at Home Nursing at 424-253-8035 or email.

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