People Are Eating Healthier and Cooking More, Food Execs Say

Coronavirus changed 85% of consumers’ food habits. Shoppers are shifting from comfort food to more nutritious options as pandemic persists.

Food company executives say they are expecting new consumer habits formed during the pandemic to stick, with a renewed focus on health and cooking at home.

More than four out of five consumers say the coronavirus pandemic has changed their food habits, driving them to cook, eat, shop and think about food differently, according to the annual Food & Health Survey from the International Food Information Council.

A total of 85% said they were doing something differently, with about 60% cooking at home more, the survey results said. The other changes are more varied and not quite as universal, with about a third saying they are snacking more and washing produce more.

In the question that asked consumers to choose influential label claims, more than three in 10 said they would be influenced by a “non-GMO” label. Fewer than 10% said the same about a “bioengineered” label. Continue reading here by

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