Legacy Planning: Medi-Cal Should Be on Your Radar

By: Schomer Law Group

Your legacy can fall into place haphazardly if you do not think about the events that will take place after you pass away. On the other hand, you can proactively consider the impact of your actions (or inaction) from an estate planning perspective. When you are planning for retirement, you have to consider your own needs as a senior citizen first and foremost. You will make projections with regard to the expenses that you expect to incur and create a retirement plan that allows you to enjoy your golden years in comfort.

Over one-third of seniors will require nursing home care, and 52 percent of elders will need some form of paid care eventually. The Medi-Cal program will cover long-term care costs, so eligibility could potentially preserve your legacy. We are all aware of the fact that this is a need-based benefit, but most people in nursing homes are enrolled in the program, and many of them were never poor.

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